As part of the provincial budget, the wholesale markup rates for all product categories will increase effective April 1. The actual amount of the increase will vary depending on the individual product; however, the resulting wholesale markup quoted in SLGA’s Price Lists will increase as follows:


•             Most beer products will increase 6.8 per cent;

•             Most coolers will increase 6 per cent;

•             Most wines will increase 5.3 per cent;

•             Most spirits will increase 4 per cent.


The new wholesale markup rate will apply to all products distributed through SLGA’s Distribution Centre and products distributed by private beer distributors (BDL, Sleeman, Minhas). It will be up to individual retailers to decide whether or not to pass the wholesale markup increases on to their customers.


All retailers will be emailed a new updated price list (effective April 1) by the end of the week. RSPs will still pay the current prices for products until March 31.   To clarify, in order to ensure orders are entered and processed at current rates, RSPs must place orders no later than 2 p.m. on March 31. Orders received will be shipped on your next regular shipping date. Please note that any orders received after 2 p.m. on March 31 will be subject to the increased rates.


If you have any questions about the changes please contact your account representative.

SLGA's Product Ordering Guide

Click here to see SLGA’s Product Ordering Guide.  The guide has been developed to assist you in opening your wholesale account with SLGA and leading you through the order process.  

Please note that in the price lists below, SLGA’s prices do not include GST, LCT and deposit.  Also please note that product ordered from the DC is available in full cases only, as packaged by the manufacturer.  Cases will not be broken up for wholesale shipments.  The minimum requirement is 5 cases per order.  

To place an order, customers will need to identify the product item number and quantity they wish to order.  It is also beneficial to include a description. Click here for templates for Excel ordering and here for fax ordering 

If you have any questions regarding the guide or the order process, please contact your account representative.

Mandatory Server Intervention Training

By June 30, 2017, there must be at least one person on each shift who has completed the training.

By June 30, 2018, all employees involved in the sale and service of alcohol must have completed SIRS.

Responsible Service is Smart Customer Service

Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS) is the official provincial responsible service of alcohol program. It provides consistent training for the sale and service of alcohol, helping commercial and special occasion permit holders to ensure that alcohol-related activities are conducted with integrity and in a socially responsible manner.

Training includes:

ways to identify intoxication

handling situations involving minors

effective approaches to discontinue or refuse to sell or serve alcohol

understanding your legal responsibilities and liabilities

Liquor Retailing in Saskatchewan: Welcome to the New Normal

July 7, 2016, Regina. Today Minister of Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Hon. Don McMorris provided all 700 plus permit holders in the province with the details of how the new world of liquor retailing will work in Saskatchewan. 

This new direction allows the government to collect the same amount of revenue through a new wholesale markup while correcting many inequities that have existed among the province’s various liquor retailers.  

The new retail model creates a level playing field for liquor retailers.  This means that all liquor retailers in the province will operate with one set of rules.  The SLGA “Commercial Liquor Permittee Manual” details the playing field rules and the how we will operate once the official implementation date occurs. 

These changes include:

·         One licence for all liquor retailers (Retail Store Permit).

·         One wholesale, unified price for all R.S.P’s.

·         The conversion of 40 public liquor stores to R.S.P.

·         Hours of operation, where and from whom you can buy from.

·         Equal access to any mainstream beer products and no restrictions to chilling.

·         SLGA wholesale ordering process and manual.

·         Details of the RFP process for currently available or upcoming permits. 

These change will see commercial permittees like restaurants, sports facilities and convention centers able to purchase products from any liquor retailer, rather than the current requirement that they purchase exclusively from SLGA liquor stores and franchises. 

“This completely changes the liquor retailing world that we live in” said Jim Bence, President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association (SHHA).  “There are now 700 options for the consumer to choose from when they want to buy alcohol. This will create significant opportunity for creative operators to offer a much greater selection, quicker availability and very competitive pricing of product.” 

“This day has been decades in the making” said SHHA Chair Glenn Weir.  “We are very excited to play on this new level playing field and do what we do best, compete. When business is allowed to compete fairly for customers, the consumer ultimately wins every time.” 

Implementation date has not yet been set but will likely be in the fall of this year. 

For Further information contact Jim Bence at 306 - 291 - 3031

Click here to view "SLGA Retail and Wholesale Price Estimates"

Click here to view "Retail Store Permit Chapter"

Click here to view "Wholesale Pricing Structure"

Click here to view "RSP's - July 2016 Update"

Click here to view the "Wholesale Ordering Manual"

SLGA Update March 2016

As you may be aware, in June of 2015 the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA) took part in the formation of the Stakeholders Advisory Committee to SLGA.  This group was comprised of buyers and sellers of beverage alcohol in the Saskatchewan.  

Never before has such a group of experts assembled to discuss mutual concerns specific to liquor. The committee, consisting of the SHHA, the Saskatchewan Liquor Vendors Association, Restaurants Canada, ALES Club, Fine Wines Saskatchewan, and, the Canadian Tax Payers Federation found many areas of common interest and formed a plan to better engage the government and the SLGA.  

Through the combined efforts of the Advisory Committee, and meaningful discussions with SLGA Minister Don McMorris, the Saskatchewan Party announced sweeping changes to liquor legislation and in what way beverage alcohol would be bought and sold in the province should the Saskatchewan Party be re-elected on April 4.

These Changes Include:

·         One licence for all liquor retailers (Retail Store Permit).

·         One wholesale, unified price for all R.S.P’s.

·         The conversion of 40 public liquor stores to R.S.P.

·         Introduce and RFP 12 new permits in underrepresented areas.  

Encouraged by the announcement, the Advisory Committee was very interested in how the new policies and procedures would be implemented, and, wanted to be an integral part of the creation and development of the systems required to deliver these proposed changes.  

In December of 2015 Raynelle Wilson, Director of Enterprise with SLGA, met with the Advisory Committee to discuss and elicit feedback on how to proceed, and, create an effective and efficient liquor distribution system.  Very productive discussions regarding implementation, pricing, distribution, supply, and selection took place, along with an agreement that further meetings would be beneficial to all parties. 

Last week the SLGA, SHHA, Restaurants Canada, SLVA and other stakeholders met for 4 sessions over 2 days to discuss a broad range of topics.  Structured as a “Focus Group”, questions and feedback were centered on the new “Level Playing Field”, Retail Store Permits, Supply Chain Model, Pricing, Online Ordering, Inducements, Special Occasion Permits, Agent Stocked Warehousing, the Special Order Desk, Payment Terms/Methods, and the RFP Process, etc.  

The consensus of the SHHA was that the meetings were very productive and represented an opportunity for our members to offer their opinion.  As the end-user, SHHA members have the single biggest impact on the overall customer experience, and know what drives consumer satisfaction, and also have strong opinions on how best to serve the public.  We were left with the impression that the SLGA, as a partner in the process, heard us loud and clear.  

The intent of the meetings was not to come to any decisions, but for stakeholders to meet and come away with information that could be used to enhance liquor procurement and delivery in the province. 

So far the SHHA is encouraged by what we heard, and eagerly look forward to post-election changes.

Future of Liquor Retailing in Saskatchewan: Expanded Private Retail System

November 18, 2015 - Today, the Minister of the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, Don McMorris, announced sweeping changes to the provinces liquor retailing system.

“Saskatchewan consumers will enjoy more choice, more convenience and major competitive pricing,” McMorris said. This new direction will allow the government to collect the same amount of revenue through a new wholesale markup while also correcting many inequities that have existed among the province’s various liquor retailers.

The new expanded private retail model creates a level playing field for liquor retailers. This means that all liquor retailers in the province will operate with the same set of rules as it relates to:

• Purchasing alcohol for resale at a wholesale price

• Hours of operation

• Product selection

• Chilling of beer products

Another change will see commercial permittees such as restaurants, sports facilities and convention centres purchasing products from any liquor retailer, rather than the current requirement that they purchase exclusively from SLGA liquor stores and franchises.

“We are very excited to see the government take this very positive step towards leveling the playing field for retailers in the province” said Jim Bence, President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association (SHHA). “Now that every retailer pays the same price for a bottle of beer, spirits and wine we can finally compete in an open and fair market place.”

SLGA also announced that 40 government liquor stores will be converted to private stores and adding 12 new private liquor stores to underserviced areas.

“This marks the beginning of a new era in Saskatchewan” said SHHA Chair Glenn Weir. “The government will no longer be picking the winners and losers, the consumer will. All we have ever asked for was the opportunity to compete fairly for the customers’ business”.


The SHHA is no stranger to the SLGA.  For many years the association has lobbied government on behalf of membership.  Some issues have been successfully resolved, many not.  What the membership demands from this government is the same that did from the previous government, fairness.  An even playing field.  The opportunity to compete in an equatable market.  This will never happen as long as the government holds the monopoly on the pricing and distribution of liquor in this province.  They are at once the sole distributor of alcohol and largest competitor for the retail sale of alcohol.  

Unified Wholesale Pricing of all alcohol is the only fair solution.  Only when ALL buyers and sellers of liquor are able to buy at the same price will the playing field be leveled. The removal of the patently unfair advantage of fixed pricing that favors government run liquor stores will allow everyone to compete for customers through pricing and quality service.

Minister of SLGA Don McMorris has stated that the governments position on liquor legislation will be released in the fall prior to next springs election.  We strongly encourage those who have an opinion on this issue to let us know, let him know.  The SHHA will be holding regional meetings for those operators that want to gather and discuss the issues that are effecting your business.  We need to work at the speed of business, not at the speed of government.  

Our submission to SLGA as part of the public consultation process can be found here 

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