2018 Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association Board of Directors

From Left: Herman Zentner, Shotz on Eleven, Chamberlain; Jasmine Deblois, Limerick Hotel; Joel Kish, Ice House Tavern, Emerald Park; Jim Bence, SHHA President & CEO, Gary Hoffert, Regional VP, Canalta Hotels, Chair of the Board; Glenn Weir, Best Western Seven Oaks, Regina, Past Chair; Denny Joyal, Waterfront Beach Bar & Grill, Regina Beach; Courtney Morrison, Best Western Plus East Side, Saskatoon; Lance Grosco, Duck Lake Hotel; John McKenzie; Katepwa Hotel; Bryan Baraniski, Shorebird Inn, Tobin Lake


Be a Safety Leader & Partner with Us for Youth Safety Education Day – Monday September 10th, 2018

Every year, on average, THREE young workers die tragically on the job in Saskatchewan. These heartbreaks can be prevented with proper safety training and education.

Even if your organization doesn’t employ or come in contact with youth in your operations, your support of our youth by raising awareness for the cause would be greatly beneficial.

Help us raise awareness and take a safety leadership role in this years’ “Youth Safety Education Day” on Monday September 10. It is through efforts of individuals such as yourself that we can bring safety awareness and education to the youth of this province before they even step foot into the workforce.

For more information, please contact the Service & Hospitality Safety Association, Dara Miazyk Communications Coordinator (306) 522-5499 EMAIL



Canada’s Hotel Industry Releases Airbnb Best Practice Guidelines for Canadian Cities

The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) released best practice guidelines for regulating short-term rentals. Governments at all levels are grappling with the implications of the growing short-term rental industry and platforms like Airbnb. The paper, “Developing a Modern Approach to Short-Term Rentals in a Digital Economy,” gives Canadian municipalities an analysis of regulatory developments worldwide and best practice approaches to developing a local framework.

What started as true home sharing has expanded into a growing trend: people using these platforms to become commercial operators. Over the last two years, the commercial side of Airbnb’s business – those renting multi-unit entire homes – grew by 108%. These entire home rentals generated 83% of Airbnb’s revenues.

“Today, the short-term rental industry operates with limited regulation,” said Alana Baker, HAC’s Director of Government Relations. “Online platforms are being used to operate commercial accommodation businesses, resulting in unintended consequences including lost taxes, less housing, community nuisances and even criminal activity. There is an acute need for federal, provincial, and municipal governments to put in place a modern regulatory framework that will address these consequences, promote fairness and protect communities.” 

To Read the Complete News Release CLICK HERE



At ACLP Training Solutions our heritage is in developing and delivering tailored, client-centred service solutions in remote environments. We’re proud to bring that expertise to solving your training challenges!

ACLP Training Solutions provides meaningful, focused, industry recognized Workforce Education and Development to your employees and management. Training is fundamental to creating competency; strengthening the skills, abilities, safety and ultimately opportunities of your team. The correlations between training, customer experience enhancement, staff satisfaction and retention, as well as increased profitability, are universally recognized and invaluable. Our Training Solutions are available individually or in combinations. Additionally, we can work with you to customize a training plan meeting your unique needs.

We bring extensive and successful facilitationexperience in Adult, Indigenous, OH&S, Supervisor and Remote Workforce Education, as well as post-secondary instruction. We source proven programming and nationally recognized materials developed for and by industry, through Tourism Human Resource Canada and the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council department of Tourism Saskatchewan, among others. We understand the needs and concerns of Operations when it comes to training; and we work with you to create viable deliveries and desired value outcomes.

20-335 Packham Ave., Saskatoon, SK. S7N 4S1 Phone: (306) 242-8008 Ext: 255 | Fax: (306) 242-4288                                                                            





PLAN TO HIT THE LINKS in Kindersley on Sept. 6

Join us for the 20th Annual Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association’s “Golf Fore the Future Tournament” being held at the Kindersley  Regional Park & Golf Course on Thursday September 6

The Kindersley Regional Park includes a full-service golf course and the picturesque Motherwell Reservoir and Community Walking Trail.

The SHHA awards annual scholarships to students who are studying for a career in the hospitality industry. “Fore the Future” is our major fundraising event.

"A Game Of Golf With Some Blues & Brews"

We are planning a fun tournament that includes a pre-game lunch at the Kindersley Inn, and, a post-game dinner & party at The Red Lion Inn, featuring blues performer, B.C. Read, an award winning recording artist with a unique style of Roots & Blues that has entertained audiences in clubs and festivals throughout Canada.    

Download the Registration Brochure HERE  


For More Information on the Business Online Energy Assessment CLICK HERE



Intello Technologies is proud to offer hotels a new Casting Solution for the lodging industry. Technology in the lodging industry is constantly evolving with new IoT products and entertainment options appearing every week. Customers already using casting at home are looking to have a similar experience in their home away from home.

Intello offers an innovative casting technology providing hotels, student residences and seniors homes with a cutting-edge, easy to use and affordable solution that will please your guests and residents.

Intello’s approach on casting for the lodging industry is less expensive and much more powerful than video on demand (VOD). Your end-users will enjoy watching their own content with their devices using apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc. Owners can now also charge a fee before casting is allowed, turning this solution into a recurring revenue generator for the hotel.

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The Net Metering program provides the opportunity for residential, farm, business and institutional customers to connect and generate up to 100kW(dc) of their own power through the use of environmentally preferred technologies.

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For the Morning after the Night Before

A customer comes in for dinner and has a couple glasses of wine, then stays in your bar until 1:00 am with friends and has 3 bottles of beer and one shot. It would be 12 hours later by the time all of the alcohol leaves their system.

They could still register over .04 when they get behind the wheel to go to work in the morning.


Give Them Away or Sell Them in Your Bar or Offsale

An innovative, single-use breathalyzer informing your customers when their breath alcohol content is 0.00, 0.02, 0.05 or 0.08, thanks to colour changing crystals inside of the tube.

An ideal impaired driving prevention tool for your customers. In only a few minutes, this breathalyzer will inform them if they are over the legal driving limit.

Demonstrate your Social Responsibility!  


  • Effective
  • Easy to interpret: a different color for each level of alcohol intoxication
  • Economic
  • Offers peace of mind
  • No calibration necessary
  • Can save lives and prevent accidents
  • Small and discreet, it slips easily into a pocket or hand bag.

Give them away, or, sell them in your offsale   -   Download the order form HERE


FOR SALE: Quill Lake Bar & Grill


  • Beverage room seats 127
  • This hotel premises has had numerous upgrades including two new furnaces, central air
  • Metal exterior, paint and siding
  • The interior has also been upgraded
  • Present activity includes food services, beverage room activity on table and off sale, VLT play with strong potential to increase volume as presently run by one person.

                     Contact: Gerald Batty CRA Royal Lepage Carlton  306-682-5500

                                 For More Information and Photos CLICK HERE


What Difference Does it Make?

People ask what difference it makes if I join the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA)? The difference is we are a stronger voice that can advocate more effectively on your behalf. There is strength in numbers.

The SHHA has a reputation of being an extremely effective lobby and advocacy group because of the activities we engage in and the strength of our membership.  We are YOUR voice with government ministries, MLA’s and bureaucracy.

The hospitality industry gets “wins” when we work together. Keep the SHHA team strong by purchasing a membership in the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association.

If you own a hotel/motel, restaurant, and bar or are a Retail Store Permitee, you should be a member of the SHHA.

Supporting the SHHA Keeps Your Voice Strong!



Affiliate Membership

In 2018 the SHHA will be working harder than ever to support and promote our Affiliate Members and partners through our website, magazine, e-blast and marketing collateral. 

With your support, we will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf.  We understand that when our partners thrive, our association and its members also thrive.

 In an economy that will present many challenges in 2018, it is more important than ever that we work together promoting each other’s businesses and services.

If you supply goods and services to the hospitality industry, and would like to become an “Affiliate Member” of the SHHA click here


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