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NEW! KONE Now Part of QUASEP Program

QUASEP is pleased to announce that KONE is now part of their program offering for elevator maintenance, repair, and new installations. Dedicated to improving the flow of people, KONE has been at the forefront of developing and delivering innovations that matter. With a strong belief in delivering outcomes that matter, as a member of SHHA and QUASEP, here are some of the program highlights that you can look forward to: Read More

Wanuskewin Becoming top Tourism Destination

Andrew McDonald, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Sales & Marketing Manager

2019 has been an incredible year! In the past 12 months we have seen an unprecedented amount of growth and development as we continue towards our goal of becoming the top tourism destination in the country.

Construction on our heritage centre has reached the 50% completion point, and we are very excited to welcome all of the beautiful new spaces coming online over the next few months. Completion is slated for September 2020. Read More

2020 Conference Date Announced

The Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association’s Conference & Trade Show is being held Tuesday May 26, 2020 at Prairieland Park, Saskatoon.

The Hotel, Liquor & Restaurant Trade Show will take place in the World Trade Centre Hall D. Please mark the date and join us for Saskatchewan’s premier show for the hospitality industry, 

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Destination Employment

A New Avenue to Recruit Skilled & Eligible Employees

Destination Employment participants complete industry-specific training and courses meaning the candidates you interview will have a better understanding of the skills and responsibilities for their new role at your hotel.

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2020 SHHA Board of Directors

Front row, from left: Joel Kish, The Icehouse Tavern, Emerald Park, Vice Chair; Gary Hoffert, Regional VP, Canalta Hotels, Chair of the Board; Jim Bence, SHHA President & CEO

Back row, from left: Carmen Lien, Chop Steakhouse & Bar Regina; Bryan Baraniski, Shorebird Inn, Tobin Lake; Herman Zentner, Shotz on Eleven, Chamberlain; Tom Morris, Dragon Growers Inc., Kindersley; Denny Joyal, Waterfront Beach Bar & Grill, Regina Beach

Missing: Courtney Morrison, Best Western Plus East Side, Saskatoon;  Glenn Weir, SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western Seven Oaks, Regina; Lance Grosco, Duck Lake Hotel



WELCOME NEW MEMBER: Tipsy's Sport Lounge, Chelan, SK.

142 Main St., Chelan, SK  (306) 278 - 2931

Only 11.5 KM from  Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, A stunning year-round destination which offers extensive hiking, snowmobile and cross-country ski trails. 

SHHA Wage & Benefits Survey Available Now!

The SHHA’s annual Wage and Benefits Survey helps members to stay competitive in the accommodation industry, to budget appropriately, and to assess the impacts of changes to labour legislation and minimum wage.

Free reports of results are only made available to those who participated. For the SHHA survey, member properties that did not participate are able to purchase the report for $300, and non-members can purchase it for $500.

If you would like a copy of the Wage Survey please email



Our Winters Beg Good Red Wines

Jill Childerhose, Doug Reichel Wine Marketing

The warmth, spice, and depth of red wine is a lovely foil to the cold rigidity we experience in the prairie winter months. Red wines often boast warm tones like nuts, tobacco, and cocoa. They also can be reminiscent of spiced or preserved fruits, recalling days past. Most importantly, the flavours of many reds are the perfect companions to the foods we eat seasonally during this time: hearty meats, roasted vegetables, rich stews, soups, and even decadent sweets.

To Read the Complete Column CLICK HERE

What is Human Trafficking

By Cst. Tina Platford, Crime Reduction Unit, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Some people think human trafficking is an international crime but it is happening right here in Saskatchewan. A human trafficker is “any person, who recruits, transports, transfers, receives, holds, conceals or harbours a person, or exercises control, direction or influence over a person for the purpose of exploiting them”, and this does not necessarily involve the movement of a victim.

Human trafficking is a low risk/high reward activity, and in Canada, it is estimated a trafficker can generate up to $336,000 per year from a single sex trafficking victim...

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NO, Change isn't Good Enough

George Marshall, CEO, Service Hospitality

2009 was arguably the worst year for health and safety in the history of the hotel industry in Saskatchewan.  For the fourth straight year, injuries exceeded 580 and for the second straight year, direct costs of injuries exceeded $2.8 million.  In 2010, Service Hospitality issued a challenge to the hotel industry.  We formed a best practice group for the hotel industry and 43 of the largest hotels in the province committed to implementing and improving their safety management systems.  Although we helped to facilitate the process, you did the work.  The results have been extraordinary.

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CEO Message: The Changing Face of Tourism

Jim Bence, SHHA President & CEO

Our “need” for diversity has become a provincial imperative.  Provincially our coffers are taking a pounding for a variety of reason, all of which we have bemoaned for the last 4 years. Oil and gas slumping, mining taking a huge hit and now a federal government that seems determined to prevent much needed pipelines from being built.

Ok, so what does that mean? What do we do? How do we deal with the hand that we’ve been dealt? Well, as painful as it is to hear or realize, we evolve or we die. There is no other way to say it and for those of us in the hospitality/tourism world, we have been dealing with this stark reality for the last number of years.

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The Atlas° Hotel ready to blaze their own trail in Regina

Ryan Urzada has always had a love of travelling and experiencing all the world has to offer, so it’s no surprise that he’s ready to take The Atlas° Hotel in a new direction and blaze a new trail.

Known as the Regina Travelodge South for the past 30 years, The Atlas° Hotel has seen two years of planning and over $10 million in renovations in preparation for this evolution.   

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4177 Albert St., Regina, SK

306 - 586 - 3443


Four years ago, we started discussions with the Saskatchewan government regarding Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA) members, particularly Retail Store Permit holders, being allowed to enter the cannabis retail market. We were very encouraged by the recent announcement that cannabis retail permits would be available throughout the province. Retail permits would be granted based on an application process. The number of permits in the province will be unlimited and there is no restrictions on how many can operate in a community.

So what does that mean for you?

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THIRD-PARTIES to Operate Liquor Warehouses

On November 27th, 2019 amendments to The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, 1997 were introduced in the Legislature making way for third-parties to operate liquor warehouses in Saskatchewan that distribute specialty products. The process for obtaining a Third-Party Warehouse permit will be by application, and satisfying established “Operating Parameters”.

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