Did You Just Give Your Retail Store Permit Away?

Warren Nerby, SHHA Director of Communications

Imagine you want to sell your bar but the buyer wants you to carry the mortgage. You agree to act as the mortgage lender and offer the buyer of your tavern & offsale “seller-carried financing”. A contract is prepared, now the buyer must apply to the Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority to change the permit consignee because the retail sales and tavern permits must be in the name of the operator.

Do you know where your RSP is? Remember anyone with a retail store permit to sell alcohol is now allowed to privately sell or trade that permit. Yes, the permit you just transferred to the mortgagor of your business may sell it. Recently in Saskatchewan there have been a couple of occasions where the mortgagor has sold the RSP and pocketed the money.

Whether you are selling or leasing your property it’s important to set out in detail, in a written legal agreement, important matters to be covered, including what is the status of that retail store permit. Get legal advice and ensure your deal includes clauses that protect you.

2020 Conference Date Announced

The Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association’s Conference & Trade Show is being held Tuesday May 26, 2020 at Prairieland Park, Saskatoon.

We are planning an incredible celebration which includes the Trade Show, Luncheon, Informative Sessions, and, the Delegate Dinner.

The Hotel, Liquor & Restaurant Trade Show will take place on Tuesday May 26 World Trade Centre Hall D

Please mark the date and join us for Saskatchewan’s premier show for the hospitality industry, including a tremendous day of exhibits, delicious food, and great prizes.

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QUASEP has an exciting new partnership with Diversey - For details  CLICK HERE


No Ordinary Batting Cage Facility

Baller’s Rec Room in Regina is set to celebrate its first anniversary in December. This is no ordinary batting cage facility – it comes with a full menu restaurant, a sports bar atmosphere, arcade games, and pool tables.

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SHHA Wage & Benefits Survey Available Now!

The SHHA’s annual Wage and Benefits Survey helps members to stay competitive in the accommodation industry, to budget appropriately, and to assess the impacts of changes to labour legislation and minimum wage.

Free reports of results are only made available to those who participated. For the SHHA survey, member properties that did not participate are able to purchase the report for $300, and non-members can purchase it for $500.

If you would like a copy of the Wage Survey please email info@skhha.com



Our Winters Beg Good Red Wines

Jill Childerhose, Doug Reichel Wine Marketing

The warmth, spice, and depth of red wine is a lovely foil to the cold rigidity we experience in the prairie winter months. Red wines often boast warm tones like nuts, tobacco, and cocoa. They also can be reminiscent of spiced or preserved fruits, recalling days past. Most importantly, the flavours of many reds are the perfect companions to the foods we eat seasonally during this time: hearty meats, roasted vegetables, rich stews, soups, and even decadent sweets.

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SHHA 2020 Membership Directory

The SHHA is pleased to announce our annual Membership Directory, which will be mailed out in January 2020. This directory serves as a year-round resource for owners and key managers in Saskatchewan’s hospitality industry.

  • Strengthen your relationship with key purchasers and symbolize your support of the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association.
  • Reach potential business clients, enhance your image and increase your brand awareness.
  • Promote your products and/or services to over 520 decision makers and Industry leaders.

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Toronto’s Short-Term Rental Rules Upheld by Ontario Tribunal

The zoning bylaw stipulates that short-term rentals can only occur in one’s principal residence. This will effectively shut down the commercial side of Airbnb’s business - those running multiple units or homes. The rules will also apply to other short-term rental platforms.
In addition to limiting operations to a principal residence, the regulations also include the requirement for owners to obtain a licence, register with the City, and pay a 4% accommodation tax. 
This decision sets an important precedent as the SHHA work towards regulations in Saskatchewan.

The Hotel Association of Canada, together with the SHHA, will continue to drive a strategy that aligns our efforts and positions the industry to achieve fair rules in Saskatchewan.

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CEO Message: Plan B - "Lights, Camera, ACTION"

Jim Bence, SHHA President & CEO

Other jurisdictions in Canada have used their natural resources, mountains, parks, shorelines, and their wildlife as draws for visitors and the money they bring. 

Other provinces also use their natural resources as a way to attract another kind of client, a massive client. That great big beast looking to spend billions of dollars in Canada is the film industry. Yup the same industry that we punted years ago.

When the Sask. Party rescinded the film tax credit, it killed the industry here and the movie producers went elsewhere. The business was gladly gobbled up by other provinces hungry to satisfy their diversified economies.  Economies that weren’t dependent on one source of revenue.

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Introducing The Atlas Hotel, Regina

From left: Don Urzada, Ryan Urzada and Mayor Michael Fougere - Watch the ceremony HERE

After 4 years of planning and $10 million in renovations, the Travelodge South Regina officially changed to The Atlas˚ Hotel. https://www.atlashotel.com/ 

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Report Card on Provincial Liquor Policies

Learn how liquor policies across the country are impacting bars and restaurants. This biennial Restaurants Canada report evaluates provincial liquor policies within four major categories and assigns each province an overall letter grade based on how friendly they are for licensed foodservice operators.

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