“The SHHA is always looking at the bigger picture.They fight for our rights when it comes to liquor laws, tax laws and other legislation. We probably don’t even recognize all the work they’re doing. It’s helpful to everyone in the industry.”

Russell Wittke, Pioneer Hotel, Humboldt


Merry Christmas from the SHHA Board of Directors

Back row from left: Herman Zentner, Shotz on Eleven, Chamberlain; Jasmine Deblois; John McKenzie, Katepwa Beach Resort Hotel; Bryan Baraniski, Shorebird Inn, Tobin Lake; Glenn Weir, SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western Seven Oaks, Regina

Seated, from left: Denny Joyal, Waterfront Beach Bar & Grill, Regina Beach; Jim Bence, SHHA President & CEO; Gary Hoffert, Regional VP, Canalta Hotels, Chair of the Board; Joel Kish, The Icehouse Tavern, Emerald Park, Vice Chair

Missing: Courtney Morrison, Best Western Plus East Side, Saskatoon; Lance Grosco, Duck Lake Hotel

The Board of Directors and staff of the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association would like to thank you for your support, and we look forward to working on behalf of the hotel & hospitality industry through 2019. As we approach the Holiday Season, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year and the challenges of the New Year.

Merry Christmas and best wishes.


2018 Wage Survey results are in!

The Wage Survey allows us to better advocate for your interests, while helping you stay competitive and budget appropriately for wages. Detailed results are available for free to member hotels that participated. Those that did not participate can purchase the results for $350. for members and $500. for non-members. Contact Warren Nerby at 306.790.1045.


Assorted iHome & Sunbeam Clock Radios for Sale

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Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre, Regina




For More Information on the Business Online Energy Assessment CLICK HERE


WINE MENUS: Not All Wines are Created Equal

I remember pouring a sample of wine for a man in a rural Saskatchewan liquor store.  His attire suggested that he was no stranger to the land, livestock, sunshine and wind.  I explained a little bit about the wine I was pouring then he knocked back my 1 oz. sample and pronounced: “Wine is wine.  All tastes the same.”  Before I could catch myself, I replied something like, “Yea, just like any cut of beef from any cow is all the same.  Beef is beef.”   He glared at me.  I got his attention.

Why is some wine more expensive than other wine?  Is there really that much of a difference? Grape wine is a natural product and all quality starts with nuances of grape varieties (of which there are thousands), its vine health and age, growing conditions in a particular year (vintage), the way it is handled and stored in the winery.  The more expensive the wine the more time and labour and attentiveness to each grape berry that has gone into the crush producing rarer wines.  So usually the better wines are not mass produced wines.  That’s not to say there isn’t a place for the mass-produced wines, just like there’s a market for mass-produced burgers.

Like no other beverage, wine is meant to travel in the company of food.  Food calling to food.  That’s good news for restaurants.  And that’s why more and more people look at the wine list when they eat out.  And that’s why restaurant owners and managers and servers need to pay attention to their wine lists.  The quality of the wines on your wine list say something about your restaurant.  Restaurants that wouldn’t dream of promoting a cheap cut of meat as their signature dish, will often offer a wine menu with only mass-produced wines.  Restaurants don’t need pages of wines but the wines they offer should speak of the same care they apply to their food menu. 

Questions or information: info@dougswines.com

TRAINING UPDATE on Food Safety Courses

Diane Cohoon, Hospitality Industry Consultant

Food safety is everyone’s responsibility including producers, processors, transporters, retailers, restaurants, banquet facilities, food trucks, food regulators and individuals preparing food for themselves or their family and friends. Food may be contaminated along the “field to fork” route and make people sick. The contaminants may be biological, physical or chemical. Safe food products result when using wholesome food, properly designed, constructed and equipped food facilities and good food handling practises.

The Food Safety Regulations require that “an operator of a public eating establishment must ensure that a person who has successfully completed a food safety course approved by the local authority is working in the public eating establishment at all times when food is being prepared and served.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has a list of approved courses. 

Approved on-line courses:

  • Basics.fst Food Safety Training for Food Handlers (TrainCan Inc)
  • National Food Safety Training Program (NFSTP)
  • ServSafe Canadian Course
  • Safecheck Advanced Food Safety
  • Probe It Food Safety
  • Canadian Institute of Food Safety
  • FoodSafetyTraining.ca

(Review these programs and check with your local Health Inspector to ensure examination requirements are met.)

Approved in-class food safety courses:

  • ServSafe (Manager’s Certification Program
  • Food Wise
  • FoodSafe 1
  • FoodSafe 2
  • Basics.fst Food Safety Training for Food Handlers (TrainCan Inc)
  • Saskatchewan Basics Safe Food Handling
  • TrainCan Advanced.fst
  • SafeCheck Advanced Food Safety
  • FNIH’s Safe Food Handler Training Program

Program access, content and price are readily available by checking these products on-line.  


ABOUT US: A Long and Distinguished History

Archive Photo: Hotels Association of Saskatchewan Banquet, Regina, SK., February 19, 1935

Our history stretches back almost 80 years when a group of  hoteliers saw the need for a collective voice for the industry. Since then, the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association (SHHA) has grown to become a highly respected, membership-driven organization that represents the hotel and hospitality industry to the Government of Saskatchewan, suppliers and the general public.

In addition to hotels & motels our membership includes, brew pubs, nightclubs, licensed restaurants, quick service restaurants and event centres.

The SHHA is overseen by a board of elected members representing designated zones throughout the province. The President and CEO carries out the duties of representing the Association’s position on issues as they arise. The SHHA is also active in promoting members’ interests to the Federal government through the Hotel Association of Canada.


Affiliate Membership

In 2018 the SHHA will be working harder than ever to support and promote our Affiliate Members and partners through our website, magazine, e-blast and marketing collateral. 

With your support, we will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf.  We understand that when our partners thrive, our association and its members also thrive.

 In an economy that will present many challenges in 2018, it is more important than ever that we work together promoting each other’s businesses and services.

If you supply goods and services to the hospitality industry, and would like to become an “Affiliate Member” of the SHHA click here


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