Saskatchewan Announces $35 Million In Supports For Tourism Sector

On Monday August 10 the Government of Saskatchewan announced $35 million in support for Saskatchewan’s hard-hit tourism sector.  Under the Saskatchewan Tourism Sector Support Program, eligible hospitality and event/attraction operators will be able to apply for a one-time, non-repayable emergency payment.

For the accommodation sector and large event facilities, payments will range from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on sales revenue.  For attraction, tour or event operators with ongoing fixed costs, payments will range from $7,500 to $15,000.

“We are all painfully aware of the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the tourism and hospitality sector,” Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association President and CEO Jim Bence said.  “With severe reductions in revenues, organizations will be under extreme pressure to find ways to manage their fixed costs and expenses in 2020.  We are very pleased with this significant investment in our industry by the government and we much appreciate their continued support and willingness to collaborate with us during this crisis.”

Applications will be accepted starting 2 p.m. on August 24, 2020.  Applications will be accepted until October 1, 2020. [...]

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Understand your power consumption through a NO COST energy efficiency assessment.

SaskPower is partnering with Natural Resources Canada to help Saskatchewan businesses become more energy efficient!  For a limited time, businesses with fewer than 500 employees may qualify for a no-cost walk-through  energy assessment and energy efficiency training while funding is available, or, before March 31,2021. [...]

How to Apply


Good Wine, Good Food and the Bright Side of Life

Jill Childerhose, Doug Reichel Wine Marketing

Early in the pandemic, German wine producers, the Selbach family, reached out to us with a message of hope: “Greetings from the Mosel where the sun is shining, and spring is in the air… We are all obviously concerned about the virus pandemic. As wine growers, nature shows us that life goes on. We are in the process of bending the canes, the buds are swelling, the first green is on bushes and trees. Wine belongs on the bright side of life..." [...]



Paddock Wood Brewing Company

Paddock Wood is Saskatchewan’s first microbrewery and Canada’s indie beer. We pride ourselves on our unique flavour and refreshing taste. Our award-winning brewmaster, Stephen Cavan, leads a team of people dedicated to creating great beer.

Our pure brews can be found bottled and on-tap in some of the finest independent establishments and beer stores in Canada. You can also stop by our welcoming brewery to pick up your very own case (or two). We call Saskatoon home and strive to support local music festivals, artist openings and anything “indie” because well, we hope you will support us. Cheers!  Website


Transverto Technologies Inc.

Transverto Technologies Inc. is a full circle food waste processing company that diverts food waste from local landfills and thus being part of the solution to reducing air pollution and underground water pollution as a result of dumping city and municipal waste in the landfill.

We collect, compost, and transform food wastes into customized compost fertilizers for use in regenerative Agriculture. As the world embraces the paradigm shift towards greener innovations, Transverto Technologies Inc. is positioned to provide a waste management solution that will reliably reduce, recycle and regenerate waste and its by-products into products that can be re-used in various industries starting with the Agricultural industry in Canada.  Website


Central Mechanical, the Cooking and Laundry Equipment Experts

Saskatchewan businesses trust Central Mechanical for their commercial cooking and industrial laundry equipment warranty, parts, and services. Since 1978, we have been providing OEM parts and repair service for commercial cooking equipment, industrial laundry and more.

Specialties:  Commercial laundry & cooking equipment repair - Commercial cooking equipment parts & preventative maintenance

Whether you need a replacement part or need service and repair on your equipment, we look forward to serving you. Contact us today.


Maximize your Purchasing Power with QUASEP

QUASEP is a multi-supplier purchasing program designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Their members include restaurants, hotels, golf clubs, catering companies, bake shops, and many others.

As a trusted purchasing program provider, they are committed to making their members more successful (and more profitable) through the right mix of products and services, operational resources, and programs to help them run their business more effectively. Take advantage of the opportunity to get “Money Back” on your purchases with the QUASEP member rewards program. Joining QUASEP is EASY and FREE

To learn more and join, contact William Chan, Account Manager QUASEP 306 – 292 - 7228 


Feds to extend wage subsidy program until December

Sarah Turnbull - CTV News

OTTAWA -- The Liberal government will extend the wage subsidy program until December, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday.

This marks the second extension of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). On May 15, the government added an additional 12 weeks to the program, extending eligibility to August 29. [...]


Tourism HR Canada Offers Free Emerit Online Training

Tourism HR Canada, the not-for-profit behind emerit Tourism Training, is offering frontline, supervisory, and managerial online training modules free of charge. These modules can assist with ongoing training needs, as well as giving those whose jobs have been adversely affected by COVID-19 the opportunity to upskill or cross-train. For more information, visit



A FREE Psychological First Aid Guide from the Canadian Red Cross

The likelihood that the COVID-19 crisis might affect you or someone you know is higher than you think. That is why it is critical that you take the steps to learn “Psychological First Aid” and prepare yourself to handle the extreme stress that this crisis event can cause.

The guide will teach you:

  • How to create your own self-care plan
  • The Look, Listen, Link, Live Cycle
  • How to provide Psychological First Aid to others
  • The Do No Harm Principles

Get the Guide Now


Remember, you are not alone. If you have even the smallest question or concern, contact Mobile Crisis Services 306 – 757 – 0127, or, the Rural Stress Line 800 – 667 - 4442 right away.


PPE Supplier Directory

Review a list of companies that sell personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies to keep your employees and customers safe from COVID-19.

Prevention is key for workplace health and safety.

Protecting the safety of employees is essential to ensure they can work effectively. When workers feel confident that they have the skills and knowledge to keep themselves and others safe, they perform better.

The Red Cross Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT) online course is designed to help organizations meet public health guidelines.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Wascana Country Club

After 12 successful years with the Club, our current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has announced that he will be retiring at the end of his contract in January 2021. He will continue to lead the Wascana Country Club through this year’s golf season as we actively seek out his successor. 

As the CEO, you will report directly to the Board of Directors, with complete oversight of all golf operations. This includes golf, golf course maintenance, professional shop, food and beverage, marketing, and administration departments. You will successfully execute the strategic plan on behalf of the board, provide input into the strategic plan objectives, and develop and execute an annual operating budget that is financially responsible to the members. Complete Job Posting


Advocate . Collaborate . Educate

It's in times of crisis like this when membership matters most. The SHHA team and Board of Directors are committed to supporting Saskatchewan’s tourism & hospitality industry through this unprecedented emergency. And as devastating as this crisis is, we know from experience that we will "Struggle and Emerge".

Keep Your Voice Strong!


Commercial Kitchen Fires

A significant part of fire claims in Canada are from commercial kitchen fires. This fast-paced environment creates multiple fire hazards, a majority of which are a result of poor construction or maintenance practices. Fires tend to start when flare-ups ignite the grease residues on the filters or within the exhaust duct. To reduce the risk of damage, owners can implement the following practices to ensure their facility’s kitchen is well-maintained and equipped to prevent a fire.


Safe Stay - Enhanced Safety Protocols

The Hotel Association of Canada has launched Safe Stay here in Canada, partnering with the American Hotel & Lodging Association to provide a North American best practice approach. The enhanced safety protocols elevate existing standards to prepare hotels for the new COVID-19 reality in accordance with guidelines set out by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Center for Disease Control to ensure that the needs of both guests and employees are being met.

Restaurant reopening Best Practices

In the restaurant industry, the health and safety of everyone we serve are always mission critical. This is just as true now as it was before the emergence of COVID-19. Informed by lessons learned from those operating during the pandemic so far, this document provides best practices that your operation can implement to comply with requirements from government,

Together with recommendations from your local health authorities...  Read More 


COVID-19 Resource Guides

With the global spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important for employers to be prepared to respond. Service Hospitality has created a Covid-19 Guide for Hospitality, Covid-19 Guide for Non-Profits & Community ServicesReturn to Work Guide and Covid-19 Guide for Restaurants to help assist you, our members, with these preparations during this unprecedented time.



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