VLT Camera Security

Given the increased prize value resulting from the recently announced “Province Wide Progressive”, a Western Canada Lottery Corp (WCLC) Field Technician will be visiting your establishment over the next few months to install one or more cameras above the VLT’s.

The recording is not a live feed, but rather will be stored at your site and downloaded by WCLC as required.

In the event of a dispute, the security footage may be reviewed to identify winners.

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WCB Rate Setting Information Sessions

Have you registered for the upcoming Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board's annual Rate Setting Information Sessions? For more information please visit



Implementation Date Quickly Approaching

The implementation date for the new retail system in the province is quickly approaching.  As mentioned at the regional meetings, every four weeks an updated price list will be sent out to all retailers.  Below is a list of documents that you may access relating to the wholesale prices that will be in effect October 9, 2016.

·   SLGA Wholesale Price Lists – this contains all products that are ordered directly from SLGA’s distribution centre

·   Privately Distributed Beer Wholesale Price Lists – this contains all products that are ordered directly through BDL,Sleemans and Minhas

·   Wholesale Price Promos for October 9, 2016 – this is a list of all products on promotion for the four weeks beginning October 9, 2016 

Please note that these price lists include SLGA store prices that will be in effect on October 9, 2016.  This is included for your information for this period only and will not be included on future lists.

If you have any questions, please contact your SLGA account rep directly.


"Fore the Future" Golf Tournament a Success


For the second year in a row, the winning team was, (from left), Todd Szautner and Ken Campbell from the Muenster Hotel, and, Lawson Harkness, from the Fife Lake Hotel

The 8th annual “Fore the Future” tournament was held at Saskatchewan’s Golf Kenosee in Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

The Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA) awards annual scholarships to students who are studying for a career in the hospitality industry. “Fore the Future” is our major fundraising event.

The tournament attracted 60 hospitality industry professionals, giving hoteliers, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders the opportunity to network with colleagues, and unwind at one of the province’s premier golf facilities. Participants also had the satisfaction of knowing that they were assisting students and contributing to the next generation of hospitality professionals.

The weather, although a bit cool, cooperated, and the day ended with a barbeque steak dinner at Golf Kenosee.

Thank you to all participants and sponsors.


The 9th Annual Golf Fore Hospitality Tournament will be held mid-September 2017. The SHHA looks forward to hosting this exciting fundraising event. Watch for details next summer.

Youth Safety Education Day

For the fifth year in a row, the Ministry of Education proclaimed September 10th as Youth Safety Education Day.   Youth Safety Education Day focuses on educating and encouraging schools and other organizations involved with youth to be mindful and informed about workplace safety. 

On Sept 12th there was a crowd of over 800 youth gathered for the largest Youth Safety Education Day event in SHSA’s history! The day started with an intro from our MC Sarah Wenaus, SHSA Operations Manager followed by a speech by the Honourable Mr. Don Morgan, Deputy Premier of Saskatchewan, Minister of Education and Minister of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety.  

 As one of the largest employers of youth in Saskatchewan, the service & hospitality industries have taken responsibility for driving the much needed change in culture.  The Service & Hospitality Safety Association (SHSA) has developed resources and tools that partnering organizations may use to educate and inspire youth across the province.  This year alone, over 50 major partnering organizations are working with the SHSA to reach an audience of well over 4,000 youth in an impactful and meaningful way. 

“The Government of Saskatchewan has done a great job shining a light on the epidemic of injuries that our young people face.  In an unprecedented fashion, industry has responded and worked hard to not only make the workplaces safer, but to reach out to kids before they even enter the workplace,” George Marshall, CEO of SHSA.

“I am proud of the leadership and work the hotel industry has done on workplace safety and in regards to youth in particular,” says Jim Bence, CEO of the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA).  “Injury rates are down by over 50 per cent in the hotel industry over the last five years and that has made the hotel industry one of the safest in Canada and a great place for young people to work.”

More information on SHSA can be found at www.servicehospitality.com.  For media inquiries, please contact:

Bay Stenz

Human Resources Manager



MAXIMIZE Your Purchasing Power

An exciting new addition to the SHHA program is QUASEP, a group purchasing program designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

At QUASEP, we believe in working collaboratively with our members and supplier partners to ensure we meet the evolving needs of the markets we serve. As a trusted purchasing program provider for our members, we are committed to making our members more successful (and more profitable) through the right mix of products and services, operational resources, and programs to help our members run their business more effectively.

 Join the over 2,500 restaurants and hotels who have experienced the benefits of being part of the QUASEP network - wide array of products & services, member rewards program (yes, members get cash rewards for qualified purchases), and superior service from a dedicated team.

Call William Chan, QUASEP Account Manager @ 306.374.3819 to sign up now!

Mandatory Server Intervention Training

By June 30, 2017, there must be at least one person on each shift who has completed the training.

By June 30, 2018, all employees involved in the sale and service of alcohol must have completed SIRS.

Responsible Service is Smart Customer Service

Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS) is the official provincial responsible service of alcohol program. It provides consistent training for the sale and service of alcohol, helping commercial and special occasion permit holders to ensure that alcohol-related activities are conducted with integrity and in a socially responsible manner.

Training includes:

ways to identify intoxication

handling situations involving minors

effective approaches to discontinue or refuse to sell or serve alcohol

understanding your legal responsibilities and liabilities

Fore the Future - Investing in Saskatchewan's Youth



Join us for the 8th Annual Golf Fore the Future Tournament.

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