2018 Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association Board of Directors

From Left: Herman Zentner, Shotz on Eleven, Chamberlain; Jasmine Deblois, Limerick Hotel; Joel Kish, Ice House Tavern, Emerald Park; Jim Bence, SHHA President & CEO, Gary Hoffert, Regional VP, Canalta Hotels, Chair of the Board; Glenn Weir, Best Western Seven Oaks, Regina, Past Chair; Denny Joyal, Waterfront Beach Bar & Grill, Regina Beach; Courtney Morrison, Best Western Plus East Side, Saskatoon; Lance Grosco, Duck Lake Hotel; John McKenzie; Katepwa Hotel; Bryan Baraniski, Shorebird Inn, Tobin Lake


SHHA: Too Loud to be Ignored

Steve Choboter, NEXCASH ATM & POS SYSTEMS visits with customers at the Hotel, Bar & Restaurant Trade Show on May 30 at TCU Place.

By Colleen Isherwood, Canadian Lodging News — As an association, our vision is to be "recognized as the most effective voice for the accommodation  industry in Saskatchewan," noted Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association chair Gary Hoffert at the group's AGM, held May 30 at TCU place.

Certainly the SHHA's Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Conference and Tradeshow, held at TCU Place in Saskatoon May 29 and 30, provided a good example of a stronger presence due to engagement among hospitality groups. 




The 2018 SHHA Conference kicked off with the “Awards Luncheon” and the presentation of scholarships to students who are enrolled in the Hotel & Restaurant Management Program, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon

Back Row, From Left:  Emily Mai, Service & Hospitality Safety Association & Canalta Hotels Scholarships; Sooyoung Yang, Saskatoon Hotel Association Scholarship;  Neville van der Watt, Bill Nelson Scholarship; John Ha, SHHA President’s Scholarship;  Chris Balon, SHHA Chairman’s Scholarship;  Carlie Crocker, Canadian Hospitality Foundation (CHF), Hospitality Management Scholarship;  Michael van Grondelle, Program Head,  Hotel & Restaurant Management , School of Hospitality and Tourism  Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Campus

Front Row, From Left:  Olga Rudenko, Canalta Scholarship; Erica Longalong, SHHA Director’s Scholarship;  Xinping (Pancy) Feng, Sheraton Cavalier Bursary;  Tasha McCullum, Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority Scholarship

Missing: Brittany Neufeld, Saskatoon Hotel Association Scholarship


FENTANYL - Why the Major Concern for the Hospitality Industry?

Synthetic opioids can be absorbed into the body via inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion. The high potency of these drugs combined with the many possibilities of exposure increases the risks to this hazard.

The potency of synthetic fentanyl, for example, is so strong that even the smallest trace amounts pose environmental hazards. In some cases, synthetic opioid use could arguably pose an even greater environmental risk because of the increased difficultly for visual detection of the hazard.

Fentanyl is around 20 to 40 times more toxic than heroin and 50 to 100 times more toxic than morphine, which makes the risk of accidental overdose higher.

Train all employees to recognize the signs of illicit drug use, production, and associated paraphernalia. Employees should never attempt to confront a guest or investigate a potentially contaminated room. If illicit drug use or operations are suspected, staff should immediately report the situation to their supervisor and/or to the police.



What Difference Does it Make?

People ask what difference it makes if I join the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association (SHHA)? The difference is we are a stronger voice that can advocate more effectively on your behalf. There is strength in numbers.

The SHHA has a reputation of being an extremely effective lobby and advocacy group because of the activities we engage in and the strength of our membership.  We are YOUR voice with government ministries, MLA’s and bureaucracy.

The hospitality industry gets “wins” when we work together. Keep the SHHA team strong by purchasing a membership in the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association.

If you own a hotel/motel, restaurant, and bar or are a Retail Store Permitee, you should be a member of the SHHA.

Supporting the SHHA Keeps Your Voice Strong!




Sherri Morrell, Provincial Manager – Saskatchewan  Proximo Canada 

Some beverages are linked to the regions they are from. You can’t go there without sampling a drink or two. Here are three destination-linked drinks to enjoy. 

Singapore Sling - Barman Ngiam Tong Boon created Singapore’s signature drink at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel around 1915. The hotel catered to a refined British guest and he wanted to develop a drink that would appeal to all patrons. The fruity cocktail is a blend of Boodles London Dry Gin, Cherry Heering, and Benedictine and pineapple juice.

Piña Colada - Barkeep Ramon Marrero developed the piña colada at Puerto Rico’s Caribe Hilton Hotel in 1954. This cocktail is made with Matusalen Rum, cream of coconut and pineapple juice, either blended or shaken with ice, and topped off with a garnish of pineapple.

 Paloma - You may think the Margarita is Mexico’s national drink, but it’s truly the Paloma, made with Jose Cuervo Tequila, grapefruit soda and a wedge of lime in a salt-rimmed glass.

PROXIMO is a global innovator of quality spirits that create excitement with every sip. Their brands include Boodles London Dry Gin, Matusalen Rum and Jose Cuervo Tequila.









Affiliate Membership

In 2017 the SHHA will be working harder than ever to support and promote our Affiliate Members and partners through our website, magazine, e-blast and marketing collateral. 

With your support, we will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf.  We understand that when our partners thrive, our association and its members also thrive.

 In an economy that will present many challenges in 2017, it is more important than ever that we work together promoting each other’s businesses and services.

If you supply goods and services to the hospitality industry, and would like to become an “Affiliate Member” of the SHHA click here


WELCOME NEW MEMBER - The Cobble Creek Lodge, Maple Creek


Newly built and locally owned, the Cobble Creek Lodge is proud to offer uncommon luxury in the beautiful western town of Maple Creek. Feel at home in our spacious rooms and suites, each equipped with an exceptional set of amenities to make your stay relaxing and memorable.

#201 Hwy 21, Maple Creek, SK   (306) 662-5100


SHHA Membership Matters!

Your Membership in the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association is a Sound Investment

The Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association is the provincial organization that represents YOU and the many hotels, bars and restaurants in Saskatchewan.  Our association is responsible for providing you with the voice and support the hospitality industry needs to operate effectively and profitably. 

The SHHA has a reputation of being an extremely effective lobby and advocacy group because of the activities we engage in and the strength of our membership.  We are YOUR voice with government ministries, and MLA’s.

For further information call (306) 790 - 1045 or email  infoskhha.com

The Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association...Supporting the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.


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